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Customized & Modular Construction

As a manufacturer of packaging machines we develop an efficient and intelligent solution for your
packaging needs. As individual as each product and the associated packaging requirements are, so
individual are our customized PACKAGING SOLUTIONS for you.


Eminent Visitors

On October 28th, we welcomed Fiona Evans - US Consul General in Dusseldorf - and Ken Walsh - Commercial Consul and Head of the US Commerce Department in Dusseldorf - as guests...

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FachPack 2019

At the trade fair for packaging and packaging technology we present our products around innovative, fully automated packaging solutions. Our focus is on sustainability and...

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Commitment to Quality

We develop modern solutions in the field of final packaging. In doing so, we focus on a holistic approach. From comprehensive consultation through development and production to the automation and commissioning of our products, we accompany your projects with our years of experience and our expert knowledge. Our products stand for quality, stability and longevity.


Every day we work to set new national and international standards in end-of-line packaging. With confidence and foresight, we develop future-oriented packaging solutions by using the latest and groundbreaking technologies. At the same time, we focus on resource and energy efficiency to ensure sustainable development for you.



Whether you have work experience or you are new in the job: With your application with us you are taking a step in the right direction. As a global manufacturer of packaging machines, we offer you the chance of a career with the best prospects and individual development opportunities. As a family business, we value personal relationships and cohesion. Become part of our WÄCHTER team.

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