In Conversation with Furniture Manufacturers

Plastic-free packaging | Automated and scalable packaging solutions

18th March 2019 | LH


The new Packaging Ordinance of 1 January 2019 has increased the demand for sustainable packaging solutions and environmentally conscious technologies. Parallel to this general trend, a further change can be observed especially in the furniture industry. Concepts for packaging solutions with high product protection in particular and automated packaging solutions in general are required. Reason enough for us to start a conversation with those whose main business is affected. Numerous furniture manufacturers from Europe accepted our invitation to present our new packaging concepts & technologies.


Concepts presented for

Item packing with integrated product protection

            o for lot size 1

            o for serial production

Fully automated packaging processes with a focus on sustainability and scalability

First and foremost, we used this gathering to tailor our concepts to the wishes of our customers. After all, we want to provide them with the best possible support. The exchange of information these days was very enlightening and enriching, both for our customers and for us. We are pleased that our concepts have met with great approval and have resulted in numerous follow-up discussions.