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Our expertise in the field of packaging and special machine construction is based on decades of experience. We develop
special machines that pack various products from a wide variety of industries. These products include, for example: food,
beverages, consumer goods, industrial goods, furniture, ceiling cladding and flooring.


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Packaging machines & solutions

From the feeding and grouping of your products to the shaping, filling and closing of the box and to the palletizing. Our packaging machines and components can be combined in a variety of ways.


special developments

In addition it is important to us to respond to the demands of the market. This has opened up new areas for us to optimize our end-of-line packaging solutions and make them richer. These include for example the application of underlayment pads on profiled planks or tiles, the introduction of plastic clips in planks as well as packaging of single products with product protection included


In addition to our main offer of products, we offer other components that can complement and optimize the packaging process of your products. These serve to automate the packaging process as much as possible, to create interfaces to your production lines and to solve logistics problems. Depending on the requirements, these components can be integrated into machines from our product range or they can be separately executed.

Storage & Buffer Storage & Buffer
Stacking Machine Stacking Machine
Pallet Storage Pallet Storage
Distribution Systems Distribution Systems
Elevator Elevator
Format Sets Format Sets
Turning Unit Turning Unit


The versatility of our packaging technology allows flexibility in choosing the desired outer packaging. Whether you have open and stackable trays, trays with lid, folding boxes or warp-around boxes, whether you are looking for an erector, packer or lid appicator for your product packaging: Our packaging solutions are designed to meet your packaging needs.

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