Lid Erector

& Applicator

The lidding machine folds, glues and applys carton lids to a base tray. In this case, five-sided or U-shaped lids are put on the trays. The lidding machine can be integrated into fully automatic packaging machines.This makes packaging and sealing possible in the smallest space. Adjustment units and quick-change tools enable a format change within short changeover times.

Your Advantages
  • Forming, gluing and inserting or applying pre-cut carton blanks
  • For five-sided or U-shaped lids
  • For all industries
  • Compact and modular design that allows continuous format expansion within a specific size range
  • Fast format changes through efficient adjustment systems
  • Electronic parameter and recipe management
  • Touch panel for easy and convenient operation with a detailed and self explanatory user interface, for easy monitoring and assistance in case of malfunction
  • Automatic queries for packaging stock and glue level
  • Moveable on wheels
Hot melt for a quick and resistant gluing
Bond adhesive for applicable folding cartons, Amarican cases, cardboard sleeves, etc.
Labeling, Coding for identification and tracking
Process Control Systems for evaluation, analysis and optimization of the entire packaging process - Shopfloor Management

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