Fair review: Ligna 2023

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This year we presented a Must-See for all furniture sectors:

Our new automated and flexible packaging solution for your furniture, characterized by

  • unrivaled speed
  • unexpected flexibility
  • uncomplicated changeover.


The new packaging system for flexible and automated furniture packaging

The brand new packaging system by WÄCHTER exceed with high speed and great flexibility and shows a perfect solution for packaging of disassembled furniture. The space-saving packaging station leads to significant advantages: for your packaging process, for the associated logistic and for the future of your company.


Unrivaled Speed

With the WÄCHTER packaging system, the speed of the packaging process for your products can easily be adjusted. By loading of two cases at the same time, the system gets up to 20 boxes/min.

Unexpected Flexibility

From a small shelf to a large cabinet, the packaging station can proceed a wide variety of different product- and cardboard sizes.


Flexible for different panels

Length: 300 mm – 2291 mm
Width: 200 mm – 600 mm
Height: 13 mm – 50 mm

Flexible for different boxes

Length: 400 mm - 2400 mm
Width: 200 mm - 1200 mm
Height: 30 mm - 200 mm


Uncomplicated Changeover

One side of the packaging system can be prepared for a following size without interrupting the ongoing packaging process at the other side. Changeover of the sizes including shrink-wrapping, labeling and removal of the remaining parts are possible without time pressure. The packaging station you see at LIGNA is just one component of an impressive packaging line. In the complete line, empty transport panels are collected at one point and stacked by type (no backflow).

Unlimited Scalability

An other advantage: The concept of the packaging system is designed to be scalable - it can be extended by any number of stations as well as case erector, as lid applicator and palletizer. The packaging solutions are customized and fit to your product and your needs. In addition to that, changes and extensions in your product portfolio can be programmed by key-users and integrated into the automation of the packaging process easily.

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